Example of rustic cabins with no water or electricity:
Average investment: 35 000 € excl. tax (30/35m ²)
Nights in cabins for 4 persons: 150 € incl. tax
Open May to September = 5 months with an occupancy rate of about 86%

Cabanes et Vous SAS is an expert in the global design of a « cabins » project, would it be intended for tourism or business customers.

Strategy Consulting

We get involved in your project through:

The definition of your concept

The choice of accommodation or working spaces

The creation of the atmosphere of the place

The potential choice of related activities

Support for implementation of the business plan

The choice of location and organization of space (circulation axis)

The legal and financial support

The recommendations in the daily operation and best practices (methods and procedures)

The "tips and tricks" in the organization of work

The advices in marketing your facilities / equipment and the media plan

Proposals for commercial actions

The advices in team leadership

Information on recommended partners