Sleeping in our cabins

Treehouses, cabins on land, on water, cabins on stilts....

For 2, 4, 8 persons and more. 10 to 80 m2.
Cabins for lovers, friends reunited, or for the whole family ...
With 1, 2, 3 bedrooms, cozy and rustic, or with water, electricity, TV, wifi.
At 3, 7, 12 or 30 meters high ... why not?

Cabanes et vous is tailor-made... so ask the impossible.

Working in our cabins

Cabins on land, on water, cabins on stilts:
Workplace, team building, from 4 to 25 people. 10 to 100 m2.
Cabins for small studio work, subcommittees, as part of business seminar for exemple.
Rustic huts or high-tech cabins with all the tools you need for your meeting: displays, offices, computers...
2 to 4 meters high.

Cabanes et Vous conforms to your need... so bind the playful to the practical.

Observing in our cabins

Cabins on land, on water or cabins on stilts ...
Cabin / Platform with or without roof, with or without cladding, floating terrace.
2 to 50 persons and more.
5 to 100 m2, between 2 and 20 meters high.
Nest High in tree, palombière, watch tower.
Place to have a drink, restaurant, terrace.

Cabanes et Vous fits in the environment ... so imagine endlessly.