Our cabins are original creations. They are built in trees, on the water, on stilts, on land. They can be custom built, directy at your place or in part in the workshop. The work is therefore always unique. They are either rustic or equipped with water, electricity, kitchen, bathroom ... We use mainly as wood species : larch, douglas, pine, chestnut and oak. ± 3 weeks to build 
a 20m2 cabins, rustic, in trees or on stilts, and ± 5 weeks for an area of more than 40m2, with 2 rooms for example.

  • Visit of your site and choice of the type of cabin, of the trees, and space occupation
  • Direction of your project: 
Administrative actions / Thematic and tailored marketing / Timing
  • Our quotation / Getting in relations with contractors
  • Construction of cabins
  • Security check of our constructions by an independent security office before the final opening to the public
  • Public reception
  • After 3 months of operation, situation to define and improve progress areas